ELI Content Marketing Program

Bridge Creative and the ELI team work to produce and maintain an active Content Marketing Program. Each week, a new post is published and distributed through their social media network.


The ELI blog saw traffic more than double in 2017.


A single blog post from 2017 generated over 30,000 page views in the same year.

The Content Marketing Program has achieved dramatic results. Traffic and several key metrics have all doubled year-over-year.

Intro to Unconscious Bias

ELI Website

The website is the primary home and focus of ELI’s inbound and content marketing efforts. Bridge Creative’s team of designers and developers work each month to grow traffic, make the site more effective, and improve overall efficiency.

The site processes over 100,000 visitors and handles lead generation from product pages, webinar registration and promotion, AdWords landing pages, and inbound marketing conversion forms.

Video Production

Webinar Marketing

ELI produces a series of informational webinars and Bridge Creative works to communicate and promote the events. Our team develops the event landing pages and creates a series of automated emails that simplify the process and increase attendance at the event.


Over 1,000 individuals attended ELI webinar events in 2017.