Mobile Data Collector Guide

Mobile Data Collection is a vital service line for Delcan Technologies. The Complete Guide to Mobile Data Collection was developed as a premium content offer designed to reach prospects who were researching the technology. The eBook and supporting marketing materials were designed to educate and highlight the capabilities and benefits from mobile data collection.

Delcan Technologies Content Marketing

The content marketing program for Delcan Technologies was developed as a way to increase awareness for key segments within the transportation technology industry.

DTI has a specific focus on NTCIP. The content marketing campaign allowed their website to rank first for a number of important keyword searches. Many of these SERPs rank DTI ahead of much larger organizations including the National Electrical Manufactures Association (NEMA) and National Transportation Communications for ITS protocol site itself.

Marketing Collateral

The Bridge Creative team developed a wide range of B2B marketing collateral for Delcan Technologies. These included brochures and marketing systems designed to promote their Intelligent Parking, Mobile Data Collection, Intelligent Networks, and NCTIP translator card products.

Links to the collateral are included on the Delcan Technologies website and print versions are used at industry trade shows and live sales situations.

Delcan Technologies Website

The Delcan Technologies website is a central source of marketing activity for the company. As a global organization, the ability for the site to appear high in search results pages is critical in their ability to create new leads.

The Bridge Creative team designed and hand-coded the template which was converted to a custom WordPress theme. The site provides informational marketing pages, a full feature blog, and dedicated landing pages.