Peachtree Road Race T-Shirt

Any one who has known me over the last decade is probably well aware of my “interest” in the Peachtree Road Race T-Shirt contest. I think I submitted my first entry in 1995 while I was a Freshman at UGA. That one was awful. Since then I’ve probably submitted 20 different designs to the contest.

In 2002, 2007 and 2008 I was fortunate enough to have an entry in the final five that are selected to be voted on by the public. Two of those years I had two entries selected so in total I’ve had five different shirts be in the finals. And I’ve lost every single time. They even called me the “Susan Lucci” of the Peachtree Road Race T-Shirt contest. That hurt (albeit in a humorous way.)

After losing the 2008 contest by less that .5% I told myself that if I was ever lucky enough to be back in the finals I would be more vocal and let everyone know. So, this year I turned three different designs in and had one of them chosen for the 2011 finals. And I need your help to win this thing. Here’s what to do.

Click this link and then vote for NUMBER 2. You can either use your Facebook login or create a new one for the contest. I’m pretty sure you can vote every day so if you can, take a couple of minutes and help me win the contest this year.

At this point it’s not about the money (the winner receives $1,000 but I plan on giving it away if I win.) It’s like a challenge that I must face and win at some point. It’s turned into a metaphor of not giving up or getting back up when you get kicked down. It’s just a T-Shirt but for me it’s about not letting go of something you really, badly want.

So, thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for voting – I GREATLY appreciate it.

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