Georgia’s Own Commercial

We recently wrapped up work on a new television commercial for Georgia’s Own Credit Union. The spot was a collaborative effort between Bridge, the Georgia’s Own marketing team and Summerset Productions. The commercial is currently running on WSB.

We had to mix live action video and stop motion work to achieve the final product. What you see in the final piece is actually a combination of three different shoots all composited into a single thirty-second piece. We shot it over two days at a studio in Atlanta and then did the final piece at the Georgia’s Own branch in Alpahretta.

Matt Pope from Summerset Productions did an amazing job of bringing our idea to life. When I asked Matt how hard it would be to mix the live action video with stop motion off his response was “Well, I know it’s possible. I’ve just never seen it done.” A big thanks to him and his crew for making it happen.

Here is how it all turned out…

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