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  • Bridge Creative is a design and marketing firm. We develop brands and launch campaigns, but we do it in a unique way. Instead of working on single projects we bring our team into your business in an on-going relationship. This in-sourced way of working gives us unparalleled insight and helps you grow.

    Our Services
    Bridge Creative offers a wide range of design and marketing services. Our core expertise centers around providing a mix of identity design, print collateral and interactive development. We blend these services for emerging companies looking to grow and ensure their marketing dollars are invested wisely.

    We take each new client through our SpringBoard marketing process. Developed in 2004, SpringBoard serves as a way to define a clear path for the work we do. We find this to be an effective way to meet the real goals a client has, not just the immediate need.

    By combining this strategic focus with an eye for quality design we are able to produce brands and marketing tools that actually work.

    How We Do It
    In 2009 Bridge Creative totally overhauled the way we worked. For ten years we had operated like a traditional design firm, but the closer we got to our clients the more we saw how broken this system was.

    After creating dozens of SpringBoard marketing plans for our clients it became clear that in order to recommend and implement campaigns that worked we had to get closer to our clients. So, we decided to only work with four clients and go all in with that group. It was a risky move, especially in the middle of a recession, but after a few weeks it was clear how much more effective this model was for both Bridge and our clients.

    We typically spend 30-40 hours a month with each client and work off our the baseline SpringBoard plan. Each week and month progress is gauged and the plan and deliverables are adjusted based on what we see working and where the opportunities are.

    Our goal is to bring an entrepreneurial drive and passion into your company and to tie our success to your success. That is the only way we’ve seen marketing work at a fundamental level and we let that shape our process and offering.