• After watching the iPhone OS preview this week the one thing that hit me was how big iAd could be – for app developers, Apple and designers. Steve made the point that applications are where the ad battle will be fought on mobile devices and this could mean the creation of an entirely new genre of digital advertising.

    Think of how Google changed everything with search advertising. It was a paradigm shift and even today companies and still only grasping what it means for advertising and marketing. With the mobile sector just beginning to heat up the field is wide open. The other mind blowing thing is how much money Google makes from search ads. Think if an engine like that were bolted onto Apple.

    From the perspective of a designer I am pumped to use the new tools for clients. Print is dying and having the ability to generate interactive ads, launch them through Apple and get my clients in front of 85 million users is pretty exciting.

    If I want visibilty for my clients through search marketing Google has me covered and now if I want their presence in the mobile space I can turn to Apple.

    It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and to watch Apple make the turn from a hardware company to an ad network.

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