• Wild Heaven Craft Beers

    Bridge Creative works with Wild Heaven Craft Beers to create all aspects of their visual brand. We've been a part of the team since day one; developing their logo, packaging and web site to help grow the brewery.
  • Wild Heaven Craft Beers Bottle Design
  • Wild Heaven Craft Beers Packaging

    Wild Heaven Craft Beers 4-Pack
  • Wild Heaven Packaging One of the most critical pieces of the Wild Heaven brand was their packaging. The four-pack and bottle design are an important part of the actual product and each design had to reflect both the character of Wild Heaven and the style of beer. An overarching template was designed and then each beer style was given it's own treatment and customization to make it unique.
  • Wild Heaven Web Site Being a new brewery, Wild Heaven needed their site to help make connections with their growing fan base. In addition to learning about their beers, visitors can sign-up for the Wild Heaven newsletter or link over to their social media presence.

    Wild Heaven Craft Beers Icons and Logos
  • Wild Heaven Craft Beers Web Site
  • Wild Heaven Ode to Mercy Artwork
  • Wild Heaven Invocation Artwork
  • Wild Heaven Eschaton Artwork
  • Wild Heaven Artwork During the packaging development we decided to use artwork as the central image on the bottles and 4-packs. As a part of the packaging, each beer style has a custom painting created by Bridge Creative creative director, Adam Houston. Each of the unique pieces of artwork convey the theme of the beer and help customers get a greater sense of the brand.