• PTS Sports - Bridge Creative

    PTS Sports is a run, swim and bike store based in Acworth, GA that helps customers with all their endurance sports needs. Bridge Creative helped launch the store and develops the web site, marketing and on-going promotions.
  • PTS Sports Web Site The PTS Sports web site serves as a hub for all their digital marketing efforts. The site helps to drive newsletter sign-ups, sales, social media reach and promote the store.

    As a retail store, the site is critical to drive awareness of new products, sales and events. Additionally, a complete web-store is being launched in 2012.

  • PTS Sports Web Site
  • PTS Sports Signage

    Store Signage System As a part of the store launch, Bridge Creative developed a signage system for the store. The design included a main store sign, window graphics, a feature display and interior graphics to brand the store. Along with the design, this project required coordinating permits and the delivery of dozens of elements from a number of different partner companies.
  • PTS Sports Vehicle Wrap
  • Vehicle Wrap PTS Sports wanted to have a branded presence at local races and asked Bridge Creative to design and produce a vehicle wrap for their new van. The wrap design acts as a rolling billboard to generate awareness at events.

  • PTS Sports Cartersville Duathlon T-Shirt Design
  • PTS Sports Red Top Mountain Triathlon T-Shirt Design
  • PTS Sports Cupid Chase T-Shirt Design
  • Race T-Shirt Designs PTS Sports is the title sponsor for several races each year. Bridge Creative works with PTS Sports to create all the supporting marketing elements, including the T-Shirt designs for each of the races. Above are three of the designs from 2012.
  • PTS Sports Intro Spot Bridge Creative produced a 30-second television spot designed to promote the store opening. The commercial aired on the Comcast network of channels as well as local theaters to spread the word about the store opening.