• i[x] by Georgia's Own Credit Union - Bridge Creative

    In 2008, Georgia's Own asked Bridge Creative to help the credit union start a financial literacy program for teenagers. Considering the target audience, the challenge was to craft a message compelling enough stick. The result of this work is the i[x] initiative.
  • i[x] Facebook Advertising

    i[x] Facebook Advertising Most, if not all, of the audience for i[x] live and communicate on Facebook. As a part of their annual scholarship giveaway we developed a Facebook advertising campaign to raise awareness.

    The ad directed visitors to a landing page which promoted the campaign, provided information about the scholarship and offered a .PDF of the application.
  • i[x] Scholarship Splash Page
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    Ne[x]t Magazine A key way that Georgia's Own communicates with i[x] members is through Ne[x]t Magazine. Four times a year we write, design and produce the magazine which has financial tips, interviews with local celebrities and fun information for teens in Georgia.
  • i[x] Text Marketing Each Friday at High School Football games an i[x] team was sent to hand out promotional cards. After texting their number to a code on the card, each participant was given a randomly generated hidden image. Participants brought their cell phones to our table to see what they won and we were able to meet and get to know them.
  • i[x] Text Campaign
  • i[x] Web Site
  • i[x] Web Site The i[x] site serves as a hub for all our marketing efforts. Articles from Ne[x]t Magazine are added to the blog, we promote our videos and encourage interaction with our social networks on the site.

    Additionally, the site gives us an environment to talk about products and how Georgia's Own credit union can help visitors earn, manage and grow their money.