• The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Bridge Creative

    The Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence (GCADV) works with agencies, organizations and individuals who are committed to ending domestic violence. Bridge Creative partnered with GCADV to create a new brand, web site and a complete set of marketing materials.
  • GCADV Web Site As part of their overall marketing effort, GCADV wanted a web site that would serve as a central resource for member agencies, victims of domestic violence and members of the public who were looking to get involved

    We worked with the team at GCADV to design the look and feel of their site and then implemented the design using Wordpress. This allowed the GCADV internal marketing team to easily add blog posts and web pages to keep the content fresh.

    After their social medial presence was ramped up we updated the design of the site to incorporate that aspect of their marketing. The connections they were making on Twitter and Facebook were integrated into the site which accelerated growth.
  • GCADV Web Site
  • Annual Report Each year, GCADV designs and produces an annual report to detail the progress of the previous year. Our team helped GCADV use this publication to introduce the new brand to their members and donors.

    GCADV Annual Report

    Banner Design GCADV is frequently on the road with training and educational events. Bridge Creative designed and produced a set of banners which were lightweight, easy to set-up and allowed them to bring their brand into new environments.
  • GCADV Banner
  • GCADV Folder

    Pocket Folder and Sales Kit While much of their communication is digital, GCADV still needed a branded, affordable tool that could be used for meetings and events. Bridge Creative designed and produced a custom pocket folder along with a set of inserts to give them a customizable and high impact tool.