• Freeland Systems - Bridge Creative

    Freeland Systems, a Denver, CO based software company, serves a wide range of medical professionals. Bridge Creative partnered with Freeland to re-imagine their brand and develop a set of marketing tools for their core product suite, AccessPoint.
  • Freeland Web Site The main hub of marketing activity for Freeland Systems is their web site. Custom designed and built using Wordpress, the site allows the Freeland team to have control over their content and make regular additions to the site.

    Six months after the launch of the initial site, a new round of development was added to promote the new AccessPoint suite. The new built on the knowledge we had gained about their business and featured a tighter focus on their new product offerings.

    In addition to providing product information, the site was intentionally designed to help Freeland create contact with prospective contacts. Every page offers visitors a chance to sign-up for a product demo, sign-up for the Freeland newsletter or engage with the company on their blog.
  • Freeland Systems Web Site
  • Freeland Systems Trade Show Marketing
  • Freeland Systems Trade Show Marketing Freeland Systems attends a number of trade shows as a part of their overall marketing efforts. Bridge Creative designed a set of cost effective, lightweight and branded trade show backdrops for use at these shows. Additionally, our team developed an Email marketing tool for Freeland to use at the shows. The system allows Freeland team members to enter a name into the form and instantly send marketing material to the prospective client.

  • Freeland Systems Keyword Advertising
  • Keyword Advertising Freeland Systems has a national base of clients and their product serves a specific niche within the medical community. These business conditions led us to develop a keyword advertising campaign. Using Google Adwords and a series of landing pages we created a system that runs 24-hours a day to uncover leads and help give their sales team more opportunities.