• I spent years flirting with HubSpot. I’m pretty sure it started after reading the Inbound Marketing book in 2009 and ever since then I’ve been intrigued by what they were doing. I tried to understand the product, read the site and spoke with their reps, but something did not seem to click. It seemed expensive, and I did not see how the value would translate to my clients.

    Over that same time, Bridge Creative began to implement the inbound marketing principles laid out in the book. We started rolling out landing pages and email marketing campaigns for our clients. We added conversion forms to sites and even brought marketing automation elements into our service with auto-responders.

    The new techniques were working exceptionally, but the process was painful and intolerably slow. In order to get a clean “loop”, we were using a minimum of three different products (WordPress, WuFoo, Campaign Monitor) to make it work. Plus each landing page and campaign was custom designed, and hand coded. Our product was effective, but the process was unsustainable.

    In the midst of all this, I got my 491st email from HubSpot. Frustrated with where we were, I decided to check back in with them and see if it made more sense now. The 2012 sales call was almost identical to the one from 2010 but now everything seemed to click. By using their tool, we could do four campaigns in the same time it took to create one. Plus it was all under one login, and the analytics were unbelievable. Then, about 45 minutes into the demo, the big lightbulb went off & I finally got it.

    Hubspot is about leads.

    That may seem easy, but it’s what did it for me. In our previous efforts, the tools were causing the leads to get lost in the shuffle. Not literally lost, but we had leads come in as regular emails, housed in email blast lists, stored in WuFoo. They were all over the place. The system was “working” but it was not genuinely working.

    HubSpot is centered around leads. Everything in the system is designed to create leads. The software itself is designed to nurture the lead. Landing pages, emails, calls-to-action are not ends unto themselves. They are tools to create leads. My clients do not need landing pages; they need leads.

    So there you go. We made the jump to HubSpot and are one month into the process with our client, Freeland Systems. I’ll be writing more about the process, but I thought it would be best to start with the “why” before getting into the mechanics.

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