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  • In 1999 all you needed to start a design firm was a Mac and a willingness to work hard. Which was good because that is all we had at the time. A lot has changed since then but our philosophy has remained the same: do great work, provide tremendous value and be nice.

    Bridge Creative was originally formed in 1999 as Houston Design. From 1999 through 2005 Houston Design served clients as a traditional graphic design firm. During that time, Houston Design principal Adam Houston developed a marketing service called SpringBoard which creates marketing systems for small and mid-sized companies.

    As the focus and staff of Houston Design grew the decision was made to re-brand the company and change the name. In 2006 Houston Design officially became Bridge Creative. The concept behind Bridge was that our clients are seeking to cross from one level of growth to another and the services we provide create that bridge to success.

    Building off our growth, in 2009 we evolved the way our services are delivered and moved to an in-sourced model. By combining the experience of running a firm with an in-house approach we continued to expand the effectiveness of our services.